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What is a Keyword?

The keyword is the first word of the text messages your customers will write, and identifies which messages are intended for you.

Keywords give you affordable access to text-in numbers like 07785 123456!

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How do I pick up texts?

SMS received from phones can be sent by email, picked up online, or sent directly to your own servers via our HTTP POST API.

If you want an automated, interactive service to respond to texts, check out our Globe SMS service.

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What number will I get?

Choose from our range of world coverage memorable text-in numbers - such as:

UK-Based: 07785 123456 or Australian: 0449 100123

...or a memorable 4-7 digit shortcode in a country of your choice.

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Dedicated Numbers from £15/month!

Receive every text sent to a dedicated
number, without the need for a keyword.